Social Programme Beneficiaries

The Social Aid program is the main reason for the creation of Fundación Luz Solidaria : Luz Solidaria’s profits go to NGOs, Foundations, entities and companies with solidarity projects related to childhood, human rights, research and the environment.


Fundación África Digna
Education and health in Africa.

Asociación Abrazo Cultural
Diversity, interculturality and inclusion of refugees and immigrants.

Asociación Achalay España
Support for people in social exclusion, due to poverty and/or disability.

Asociación Actays
Committed to children with neurological diseases

Associació Aprenem Junts
Serving people at risk of social exclusion and the vulnerable.

Asociación Afrikable
Women's empowerment and child development on the island of Lamu, Kenya

Fundación Altarriba
Animal protection.

Asociación Anita
Childhood germ cell tumor research and improvement of palliative care.

Asociación Barcelona Gat i Gos
Care, reintroduction, and adoption of urban cats.

Fundación Ared
Promoting autonomy and access to full citizenship for people at risk of social exclusion.

Asociación Arrenatura
Animal assisted therapies.

Fundación ASCE
It is a non-profit entity that manages three Senior Residences in Madrid..

Association for solidarity and neighbourhood help.

AYO Foundation
Association for solidarity and neighbourhood help.

Cáritas Diocesana de Madrid
Charitable and social action of the Church of Madrid with the most vulnerable people.

Bicicletas Sin Fronteras NGO
Improving the quality of life through the bicycle as an integration tool.

Fundación Boscana
Integrating intellectual incapacity.

Asociación Cancer de Mama Metastásico
More research for more lives.

Centre Educatiu Esclat
Education, opportunities, social justice

Càritas Diocesana de Sant Feliu de Llobregat
For social justice and poverty in Baix Llobregat, Garraf, Alt Penedès and sud d'Anoia

Fundació catalana per a la paràlisis cerebral
Accompany people with cerebral palsy so that they feel autonomous and give them dignity.

Grupo Solidario Carmona Piensa en Ti
Social inclusion, Solidarity, Equal Opportunities, Human Rights

Associació Comkedem
Young people with and without physical disabilities, sport and free time.

Fundación ChAc
The rare thing about a disease is that it has no cure.

Fundació Champagnat
We work with children.

Associació Compartir
We attend to children, young people and families in vulnerable situations in Rubí.

Fundación DiabetesCERO
Invest in research to cure type 1 diabetes.

Confederación ASPACE
Associative movement of families and people with cerebral paralysis.

Confederación Autismo España
Improving the quality of life of people with autism and their families.

Represent DDX3X syndrome at the national level.

Associació Dolls 4 Girls
We strengthen girls who live in extreme situations

Fundación El Hogar
Animal liberation, Veganism, Sustainability, Equality, Nature.

Fundación Enriqueta Villavecchia

Support for children with cancer or other serious illnesses.

Federación Nacional de Enfermos y Trasplantados Hepáticos
Raise public awareness about the importance of organ donation and early detection of any liver disease.

Asociación Entrecaballos C.I.D.E.R.E.

Therapeutic horse riding, rescue, and rehabilitation.

Fundació Escó
More tan 30 years of social action in the Raval neighbourhood.

Proyecto Escuela Panchsheel
Integrate marginalized groups, local tribals, into society

Asociación Cultural Espíritus en Carne
Pedagogical support for young people, awareness and sensitisation of the human spirit.

Asociación Española de ELA
Improving the quality of life of people
with ALS

Fundación Exit
Reduction of early school leaving.

Fundación Ficat
Promotion of equity and social justice.

Associació Gabella
Educational and social care for children and young people and their families.

Huellas Compartidas
Promote and raise awareness of the bond between people and dogs.

Fundación InteRed
Human development through education and women's rights

Fundación INTHEOS
Investigation of adult and childhood cancer.

Fundación Isabel Gemio
Science, research, help and patients

Fundación iSYS
Social projects in digital health.

Fighting poverty with social innovation.

Fundación José Luis Zazurca
Committed to people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Fundación Josep Carreras


Fundación Juegaterapia
Playing, chemo flies by.

Education and sport for social and labor integration

Fundación Kalipay Negrense
We bring joy to underprivileged children.

Fundación Kyrios
They promote socialization and defense of the rights of people with borderline intelligence.

Fundación La Protectora
Animal protector.

ONG Labdoo
Humanitarian social network for accessible education.

Asociación Light Humanity
Universal Access to Solar Energy in local communities.

Associació Loles Medrano
Facilitating the reception of migrants.

Fundación Lukas
Helps people with disabilities.

Fundación Lumière
Education in values

Fundación Luz Solidaria
Energy Poverty and Environment

Fundació Mambré
Decent housing for the homeless.

Fundación Manos Unidas
Campaign against hunger.

Fundación Miranda
Horses that improve the environment and society.

Fundación Nueva Compasión
A new world for animals

Fundación Ojos Del Mundo
Fighting avoidable blindness, restoring sight, transforming lives...

Neurorehabilitation center of children

Fundación Olivares
Helps children and adolescents suffering from cancer and other chronic pathologies.

Fundación Pasqual Maragall
For a future without Alzeimer's.

Fundación Pequeño Deseo
It makes the wishes of children with serious illnesses come true.

Asociación de Personas con Movilidad Reducida
Inclusion, Autonomy, Integration, Commitment.

Fundación Port Aventura
Integration of children and adolescents at risk of social exclusion.

Por Una Sonrisa en África
Feasible and sustainable projects in Africa

Fundación Prevent
Labour market integration of people with disabilities.

Asociación Proyecto Escan
Accompanying dogs for victims of gender violence

Fundación Recover
Quality healthcare with a future in sub-Saharan Africa..

Refugiados Bienvenidos España
We create a welcoming culture, promoting coexistence between refugees and local people.

Fundación Roure
Reconnecting lives.

Fundación Santuario Gaia
Rescue and care of animals.

Asociación Sendera
Creating opportunities for development in Latin America and Africa.

Asociación SLC6A1
Relatives and those affected by epileptic encephalopathy

Asociación Solidaridad Con Nuestros Niños
Give visibility to rare diseases and children with physical and mental difficulties

Fundación Soñar Despierto
Accompany and support minors living in shelters.

Asociación Stop Ceguera
Contra la ceguesa prevenible y tractable en el món.

Associació Superar l'Ictus Barcelona
Help for stroke victims.

Support for people with TEA and families.

Asociación Tacumi
School integration, intellectual disability, educational needs, classroom support

Asociación Tayba
Accompaniment to children and young people offering them a healthy and constructive environment

Fundación Tomillo
Protection of the most vulnerable minors and young people

Fundación Unoentrecienmil
We are the movement of people fighting against childhood leukemia.

Fundación Vicente Ferrer
Compromise against poverty.

Fundación Vida Sostenible
Transition to a sustainable lifestyle.