Energy Manager Training

When we talk about Global Energy Management in the company, we are referring to all the actions that are carried out so that energy efficiency is as optimal as possible. In other words, making the energy consumption necessary to produce the good or services offered by a company as low as possible, meeting sustainability criteria and achieving energy savings. Also by marketing companies and any other organization in the energy sector.
Increasingly, organizations value having a key figure: the ENERGY MANAGER.
The Energy Manager is a professional, who has technical training, an expert in everything related to energy and with a high level of employment in companies in the energy sector and any company that wants to optimize its energy consumption.

Who can participate?​

People with disabilities and other groups at risk of social exclusion (people over 50 years old, victims of gender violence, young people at risk of exclusion or long-term unemployed, etc.)

Total hours



*Start date: 10/10/2023
Finish date: 21/11/2023
Schedule: from Monday to Friday from 9 to 14h

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